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Eliminate your social media marketing stress

Scheduling social media marketing content is time consuming and expensive for small business owners. MB Marketing Strategies helps business owners succeed by becoming their social media marketing teammate. We offer a one-stop-shop for brands to schedule content on social media platforms and access notifications for scheduling Stories on various social media accounts! What? Yes, you read right! We charge ONE FLAT FEE for access to post on the TOP SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS.
We’re a small business just like you with big dreams and little budgets. Our goals are to help you grow your social media presence, build brand awareness and increase your sales, not drain your bank account.


We don’t nickel and dime small businesses. We’re your extended marketing partner working with you.



#OMG – $129/Month

Social Media Marketing Content Scheduling Platform

  • Client Schedules Social Media Content on MB Marketing Strategies Platform
  • Access up to 11 social media networking platforms
  • Access to Social Analytics Reports, Category Reports, Hashtag Reports, Multiple Team Members, Multiple Social Media Accounts, Paid Analytics Reports, Canva Access and Google Drive Access


#ILY – $349/Month

Social Media Marketing Content Scheduling Platform

  • Client Schedules Social Media Content on MB Marketing Strategies Platform
  • Access up to 11 Social Media Networking Platforms
  • 15-Minute Strategy Session with a Social Media Expert (Beginning of month)
  • Social Media Marketing Monthly KPI’s set by Social Media Marketing Expert
  • 15-Minute Social Media Content and Analytics Review by Social Media Expert (End of month)
  • Access to Social Analytics Reports, Category Reports, Hashtag Reports, Multiple Team Members, Multiple Social Media Accounts, Paid Analytics Reports, Canva Access and Google Drive Access

#ILYSM – $99/hour

Marketing Consultant Services

This is a 1-hour marketing consultation for you to ask questions, get insight and help in regards to any digital marketing segments as:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Content Creation
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Stories & Reels
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Paid Social Commerce Ads
  • Hashtag Strategy & Campaigns
  • Landing Page

Our marketing team has extensive knowledge in digital marketing and follows the latest industry tips, trends and reports for all digital marketing topics to help you stay in the marketing loop. 

#IRL – $299

Content Creation 20 Posts

Our content creator will create 20 png social media posts using our content buckets and hashtag strategy.  We may include animation, gifs and videos. If you provide us with content as in pictures or videos, you can save $50 off the #IRL order.



$250/2-Hour On-site Location

We come to your location to teach you how to make reels that engage your audience.  This session teaches you Reels 101.  You will make Reels to use for your business and we will make Reels onsite for your business so you can use them as a resource guide or content on your social media.  You get a Reels template and calendar and we will brief you on Story Trends, Highlights, Guides and making easy Reels from content on your phone or past posts/stories.

#TYSM – $299

Social Media Marketing Audit

Does your small business health need a marketing checkup?  Are you overwhelmed with social media marketing? Do you have social media accounts, but do not know what to do?  Whether you are a B2B (business-to-business) or B2C (business-to-consumer) brand, our social media marketing audit will build a solid foundation using the best social media practices to drive brand awareness, increase engagement and improve sales.

  • Business Marketing Toolkit included (Digital Download @ 29.95 value)
  • Audience Insights
  • Channel Performance Review
  • Content Performance Review
  • Publishing Schedule
  • Referral Traffic
  • Competitor (3 Profiles)


#TGIF – $599

Extended Marketing Partner

We are your extended social media marketing partner.  We create, schedule and monitor your content’s performance.  This includes monthly KPIs, one monthly analytics report and includes along with a 30-minute monthly consulting session.


The digital marketing world is complicated and changing all the time. Our social media marketing tips, how-to-guides and tool-kits are great resources for you at an affordable price.  Get your team up-to-date on social media marketing with easy resources and relieve your social media stress.

We do the social media marketing research for you to make your life easier!

#NBD – $29.99 (1-time Download)

Social Media Marketing Toolkit 2021 Includes:

Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips

Social Media Marketing Checklist for Business Owners

1-Page Social Media Marketing Plan Template

Buyers Journey on Social Media

Top Social Media Trends by Industry Experts


#IDK -$29.99 (1-time Download)

Content Strategy “What to Post” Deck

Learn how to use content buckets so you can find easy topics on what to post and how to engage with your audience.


#IRT $29.99 (1-time Download)

Stories How-To Guide 2021

Learn the best practices on Instagram Stories and apply it to TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.


#HMU -$49.99 (1-time Download)

Social Media Algorithm Tips

Learn the best algorithm practices for 2022 by reviewing the 2021 Social Media Algorithm Hacks.  


#FOMO $49.99 (1-time Download)

Instagram For Small Business

Learn the best practices for small businesses about posting on the feed, Reels, IGTV, Stories and more.

(Coming Soon)

  • This marketing toolkit was a great resource for me to make sure my marketing team is implementing the latest social media and email marketing trends.  They do the marketing research for you and that saved us time and money.  We were able to grow our digital presence and improve our digital ranking by integrating MB Marketing Strategies toolkit into our marketing plan. I highly recommend this marketing toolkit.

    INhance IT Staging
  • I purchased MB Marketing Strategies marketing toolkit to help grow our social media presence and make sure we are doing it right.  It came with easy to use marketing templates and guides.  Plus, it had a bonus easy to use one-page marketing plan, email marketing tips and a customer profile analysis sheet.  They do the marketing work for you.  This is a must have for any small business owner.

    Leahy Properties
  • I have doubled, since we met, last week in followers!

    Maria Partridge – M2 Realty Group
  • I am super excited to use this platform...I was actually able to create my first post in just a few minutes! It was absolutely painless and sooo much easier than learning and posting on 5 different apps!

    Tina – Harmonic Healing
  • I am loving the idea of the content buckets and have been using it!

    Candace – Health & Wellbeing Coach
  • LOVE your ideas! I feel like I am finally getting traction with my social media marketing! You made it super simple!

    Tina – Harmonic Healing


Owner – Content Creator


Full-Stack Designer & Developer


Graphic Designer – Content Creator


MB Marketing Strategies is a boutique influencer and social media marketing agency based in the midwest and west coast.   We live, eat and breathe all things social.  You could say we are socially obsessed. Digital marketing is time consuming, complicated and noisy.  We help businesses stay on top of the social media marketing game.

Our partnerships consists of various industry experts in website design, Google Analytics, content creation, user interface, user experience, blogging, SEO, keywords, digital marketing, email marketing, graphic design and more.  Accessing our professional network saves you time and money.  Talk to us below to access our marketing partners.

Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest social media and influencer marketing resources. 

All social media marketing audits and service packages require a signed contract. A $100 set-up fee is required for #OMG, #ILY and #YOLO packages.  The Business Agreement Contract is emailed to the client via Docusign.

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